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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 2, 2010 7:37am-8:00am PST

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so, some that i would recommend is you can put in the text information your kid might have on their phone and it will translate for you. >> a translation device. >> i thought it was cool and high tech when i used the letter "u" instead of spelling out y-o-u. >> sadly, are you far behind. >> you are a dinosaur, big guy. >> can we put an example up on the screen for some people who just don't really understand the kind of shorthand that people use to communicate. now, this means something, if you know what it means. now we'll put up on the screen what the actual translation is. >> oh, no, there's two. >> oh, there's two. >> last night i was wrecked. and be right back. parents over shoulder. >> last night i was wrecked -- >> harry, you don't remember sending that last night? >> that is amazing. dr. ashton, i have another facebook question for you. debbie wrote to ask, do you think texting could cause carpal
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tunnel syndrome? >> well, the answer to that one, harry, is it possibly could. this falls under the category of an overuse injury. we've heard of blackberry thumb or cell phone elbow. any repetitive action, anything you do over and over again for hours and hours a day can affect your body. so, when you're talking about texting or on the computer, thumbs, wrists, elbow, neck, can all become effected. >> is treatment approved for that? >> have you heard the saying from your doctor, doctor, it hurts when i do this, and the doctor says, stop doing that. so the answer is rest and intervene on that repetitive action. stop doing it. >> jack, we've got a tweet asking, if someone creates a twitter account or a facebook page claiming to be me, not me in particular but the viewer, can i sue them? >> well, here's a quick thing you learn the first day in law
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school. the answer, you can always sue. can you win? that's more important. generally, yes, if someone is trying to take over your identity and it's clear they're trying to hold themselves out as you, especially if they're doing something that's damaging to you or through your -- >> to your reputation. >> or damaging somebody else while they're pretending to be you, you can reach out and say, you know, i'm going to stop this in some fashion. the real problem with all the few media is, you know, it's -- they may not be specifically saying, i'm harry smith, i'm jack ford. they might be suggesting it so it can make it a little more complicated. the idea is, you are to be very careful because have you to protect your identity. >> and it can appear one day and not the next -- >> are there internet attorneys? >> yes. there are people who are very high tech, understand this, plugged into this and you should talk to them about this. >> you didn't have permission to ask a question. >> i'll text you later. >> thank you, all. it was really, really interesting stuff. >> harry, thanks.
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for two years now sarah palin has been in the national spotlight. making a political impact felt from washington to hollywood and, of course, in alaska. her life has changed and so has her family's. a cbs news correspondent nancy cordes tells us, those changes, according to a new report, aren't always flattering. >> we must restore america -- >> reporter: she's the republican party's top draw. and sarah palin's influence appears to be growing. she's backed 20 winning candidates in this year's primaries. but in an article published in this month's "vanity fair" author michael joseph gross claims palin is not who she appears to be. the story portrays palin as leading a life shrouded in secrecy, ewing fear to control those around her. >> everyone who was leaking, who was talking to the press has been cut out of her circle. >> reporter: the article gives new details about palin's heavily publicized campaign spending habits, saying she
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purchased over 400 items, including $3,000 on underwear and $20,000 on a new wardrobe for her husband. >> if you look through the campaign e-mails, through disclosures, it seems like they're going around, trying to bilk the rnc and others for as much money as they could get. >> reporter: the article also sheds life on her daughter's public feud with former fiancee, levi johnston. gross claims beforon stone gave her a public apology, palin met with him and demanded to know if he wore a wire. >> the only thing i wish i wouldn't have done is put out that apology, because it kind of makes me sound like a liar. >> reporter: palin has not commented on the article. in two weeks she will headline a gop event in iowa, adding to the speculation about her political plans for 2012. nancy cordes, cbs news, washington.
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>> joining us now is "vanity fair" writer joseph michael gross. his article is in the magazine's upcoming issue. you said the most important quote in this article is, we weren't good enough for america. why do you feel that's the most important quote you have there? >> when sarah palin got back to wasilla after the election, she was in her house. the people from the republican party were trying to collect the clothing that had been purchased for return. she was talking to one of her children and she was crying and she said, we weren't good enough for america. we'll never be good enough for america. i think she felt so rejected by this election that what we're seeing subsequently has been a kind of vengeance on the country for rejecting her. i think what she's doing is plugging into a similar sense of rejection among millions of people out there who feel like they're not good enough. >> you had a tough time, you say, getting to people who are close to sarah palin, let alone sarah palin. first, tell us about the people
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you did speak to who are around her, who had been close in her camps. what kind of an impression did she give you of sarah palin? >> the people who have been closest to her describe a temper that at first i couldn't even believe could be true. they'd tell stories about screaming fits, about throwing things. they were talking about everybody from friends who have stayed with the palins who have witnessed events where sarah and todd will empty the pantry of canned goods and throwing them at each other until the front of the refrigerator lookeds like it's been shot up by a shot gun, everything to former assistants that have been so tortured by sarah palin that in one case one had to quit the job, seek psychiatric counselling and leave the state to escape palin's influence. everybody that has worked with her has seen the way she exacts retribution on people after they leave. they're afraid she's going to get them firing from their job, try to ruin their reputations. that's the modus operandi.
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>> you tried to get in touch with sarah palin, her media people. a, were you successful? b fction d b, did they tell you why they wouldn't speak with you for this article? >> the only response i received from them is that my request was under consideration. there was never any resolution to the conversation. that message was sent multiple times. i tried everything. i tried sending messages through her father, through her hairdresser. i spent almost three weeks in wasilla. so -- >> good to have you with us. it's a fascinating article. it's a fascinating read. thanks for being with us. michael joseph gross joining us from "vanity fair ". millions of pets are left in animal shelters awaiting adoption. they've got about a 50/50 chance of getting home with somebody. this morning we're going to try to help four dogs with help from the north shore animal league
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beat those odds with a makeover. dr. debbye turner bell is here to show us their results. good morning. >> good morning. >> this really is a tragic story. we've told it many, many times before. so many of these animals don't make it out of the shelter and into people's homes so we decided to give them -- dress them up a little bit. >> all the the shelters work very hard to make them look their best. they also do a little training and temperament testing so they can match them with the right family to increase their chances of what shelters call a forever home. when they go, they stay. next month is adopt a shelter dog month, so in preparation for that, we wanted to spruce up some dogs. >> we have before and after shots for our animals. >> yes, we do. >> what's our first one? >> we'll start with bella, a 6-year-old poodle. there is bella before, your regular white, dirty toy poodle. >> after a little clean-up? >> and here's the new bella. look! yea! >> very nice.
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>> bella is a great pet. she's a very good example for a family that doesn't have a lot of space. great family dogs. poodles are so smart. they're one of the easily trained breeds. bella needs a hope. let's move into rain. rain is a 8-week-old pomeranian. there's rain having a bad hair day. now let's see the new rain. >> oh, look at that. >> oh, look. all the crowd, one, two, three, ahh. >> rain is a puppy? >> a puppy, eight weeks old. >> if you're going to adopt rain, what would be the ideal household? >> the ideal household for rain is a household that does not, do not have small children. >> interesting. >> this is a toy breed. they have very delicate bones and they can't take the pulling, the poking -- >> the rough and tumble like a lab or something. >> right. older children that know how to be delicate with an animal would
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be better for this family. >> all right. look at rain. >> so adorable. >> what's the next dog? >> now we have cheeky, a 6-year-old bassett/beagle mix. just makes you want to go -- >> now let's see the new and improved cheeky. >> here comes cheeky. cheeky on the red carpet, no less. looking good. for you, you say 6 years old? >> she's 6 years old. she comes with a string by the name of tabby. she's very good friends with a 1-year-old tabby cat. they are best friends. they don't do well without her. >> interesting. >> if you're interested in cheeky, i hope you love cats because cheeky comes with archie, the tabby. >> very cute. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and we have one more -- >> one more. >> we have waldo, an 8-week-old shih tzu. a lot of hair, a lot of fuzz.
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now, here the made over waldo. >> very cute. >> look at waldo. >> shih tzus are great dogs, very family dogs, playful, loyal. you want to train them because they can get small dog syndrome. if they think they're in charge, they bite, they nip, those kind of things. it's important to keep them very active and to train them well. they're very good, very good family pets. >> a family with little kids or no? >> with small kids you want to stay away from toddlers that don't know how to be discreet because it's a smaller dog. they're sturdier than the pomeranians so they can take a little more. again, i would say a family that has older children that know how to be responsible with the dogs. >> all of these dogs for folks here locally from the north shore animal league. right nearby here. >> we want to be sure to thaing waggin tails that brought their mobile grooming unit and did the makeovers. >> thank you all very, very
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much. we appreciate it. few to find out how to adopt these dogs all you have to do is it go to our website, you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,, and save up to $500 on selected mattress sets. even get 3 years interest free financing on tempur-pedic. only through labor day ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep. ♪
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♪ this is one much those highly dramatic moments on "the early show" because in the time that betty has been with us, every time she picks up an animal, it usually decides to -- >> use the rest room on me. so far, so good -- >> don't say it. >> we should also point out. you have a rescue dog. >> yes, jake is a rescue dog. our cat was a stray. we found her. she's about a month old.
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and they're very good friends. >> very good. north shore animal league in case anybody at home here in the northeast want to know. terrific. good job, everybody.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kohara, with your c-b-s five headlines... it is 8:55. good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines. vallejo police say they found uranium and materials for making explosives. at a house where the two bodies of two women were located, the discovery is part of the investigation into four murders and a missing person all related to a man killed during a confrontation with officers in richmond tuesday night. another round of steep cuts on the way for a.c. transit. yesterday they proposed eliminating half of its weekend routes and most of its late night lines to help save some $15 million. and the two major candidates in california's u.s. senate race went head to head in moraga. last night's event at st. mary's college is the only scheduled debate between
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democratic incumbent barbara boxer and republican challenger carly fiorina. traffic and weather right after this. ,, da dan: i had a biopsy and i had high-risk prostate cancer. i was depressed. i was shocked. sometimes cancer makes you feel very lonely. the doctors can do their best to cure the cancer, but it takes all of the other stuff to make you a whole person again. i've been given a second chance. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free. of course, with so many ways to save
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including discounts of up to 40%, having that many customers shouldn't be a surprise. so ask a neighbor about state farm, then call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. good morning. it's still a pretty rough commute out there. we have seen a lot of accidents popped up especially in the
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last half hour or so. 237 calaveras boulevard south abbott avenue we have an accident. sounds like a bad one there. traffic is really backing up at the interchange and it remains sluggish on westbound 237 as you head out of milpitas. looks like that just stop and go all the way out towards zanker road. northbound 101 the lawrence expressway now one lane is blocked. traffic just gridlock out to the 280 interchange so expect a lot of slow traffic there as well as the santa cruz mountains. it's been a problem spot all morning. both southbound lanes of highway 17 blocked due to an overturned big rig. lawrence has a last check of the forecast. >> looking good. lots of sunshine coming your way, folks. if you like the heat, what a day today. sunny skies over san francisco right now. just about every where you go, a little hazy outside. "spare the air" day today and temperatures will be hot in most spots except along the immediate coastline. talking about 90s and 100s inland, 80s and 90s at the bay,
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